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3D Animation and Visualization Services
Let's Start Visualizing Your Ideas

3D Epix Inc. is offering high-end 3D animation and visualization services for all types of industries. We can enhance your marketing materials with outstanding 3D animations and renderings, no matter what type of business your organization belongs to. Our work is extensively used in commercials, presentations, corporate videos, documentaries, training and educational materials. 3D Epix Inc. is providing 3D animation solutions for a wide range of industries: Oil and Gas, Architecture, Advertising, Manufacturing, Education, Science, Aerospace, Defence, Film, Television and many, many others.

Our company guarantees great production value, affordable price, professional approach and fast turnaround. We are equipped with powerful workstations, latest software, extensive experience, talent, and creativity: we've got everything to serve your needs. Please, feel free to surf through our website for more information and work samples; 3D and if you're ready, let's chat...        


Oil and Gas 3D Animation and Rendering Services
Architectural 3D Animation and Rendering Services
Technical and Industrial 3D Animation and Rendering Services
Sceintific, Medical and Educational 3D Animation and Rendering Services
3D Animation for Advertising, Product Presentation, Film and TV
3D Animation Services for Aerospace and Military
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