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Scientific, Medical and Eduactional 3D Animation

3D Epix Inc. is offering 3D animation and illustration services for scientific, educational or medical projects. 3D graphics is a powerful tool for representing objects and processes that cannot be captured by video- or photo camera; it is extensively used in documentaries, museums, university projects, scientific or educational publications and films, medical advertising and presentations.

Equipped with talent and powerful computer hardware we can bring prehistoric animals and environments to life; arrange a space journey to distant worlds; visualize microscopic realms of atoms and molecules; restore historic events and places from the remote past and many moreā€¦

Scientific, Medical and Educational 3D Animation Reel 

Scientific, Medical and Educational 3D Animation Reel


Ancient Planet Trilogy Trailer

The official trailer for "Ancient Planet" CGI documentary. It consists of 3 episodes and tells the story of the first 4 billion years of our planet's history during Hadean, Archean and Proterozoic eons. Right now we are in the middle of production of the 3rd and final part of this trilogy.
Trilobite Olenoides serratus

Here is a contribution to the paleoart - a 3D rendering of one of the most common trilobites from the Burgess Shale - Olenoides serratus sitting on sandy bottom in warm shallow waters of Cambrian ocean.

This arthropod used to be about 9 cm long, but, despite its size, it was a predator that fed on marine priapulid worms like Ottoia.
Trilobite Olenoides serratus 3D Rendering
Anomalocaris canadensis

Here is a 3D rendering of Anomalocaris canadensis. It was a giant (6 ft long) arthropod that lived 505 MYA ago during Cambrian period. This animal is considered to be an apex predator of the Burgess Shale marine ecosystem.

According to the latest discovery and unlike the vast majority of conventional reconstructions of this animal, it might have had two rows of flaps that run along its back in addition to the larger flaps on its sides.
Anomalocaris canadensis 3D Rendering
Lab on a Chip Magazine Covers (University of Toronto)

3D Epix Inc. has produced two 3D illustrations for the covers of Lab on a Chip magazine, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The work was comissioned by the University of Toronto in 2013 and 2015. Both covers are the illustrations for David Sinton's articles; the first one is called Steam-on-a-chip for oil recovery: the role of alkaline in SAGD; and the second one is named Microalgae on display: a microfluidic pixel-based irradiance assay for photosynthetic growth.
Magazine Cover 3D Rendering SAGD
Magazine Cover 3D Rendering Microalgae
Stegosaurus stenops 3D Rendering
Ichthyosaurus 3D Rendering
Black Widow Spider 3D Rendering
Arctic Char Skeleton 3D Rendering
Miscellaneous 3D Illustrations

Here are some examples of 3D illustrations done by 3D Epix Inc. that represent both, extinct and extant animals: Stegosaurus, Ichthyosaurus, Black Widow spider and an Arctic Char skeleton.

3D animations and renderings are extensively used when it comes to documentaries or publications on palaeontology and other fields of natural science. 3D Epix Inc. is offering top-quality services the area of scientific CGI.
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