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3D Animation for Aerospace and Military

3D Epix Inc. is able to produce high-quality 3D animations and renderings that can be very helpful when introducing or promoting new Defence or Aerospace industry related technologies, as well as when preparing training materials. 

3D models used in the animations and renderings can be built from scratch using drawings or photo references, or can be based on existing CAD models if available. 3D videos can recreate literally any military, aviation or space-related scenario: from showcasing a small device like a surveillance camera, to introducing a new vehicle, vessel or aircraft (military or civil); from simulating a land, sea or air combat to telling a visual story of a deep space mission.

Aerospace and Military 3D Animation Reel 

Military and Aerospace 3D Animation Demo Reel


L-3 WESCAM (Brainwave)

This 3D animation is showcasing a military surveillance L-3 WESCAM camera that can be mounted and used on different types of military transport: terrain vehicles, aircraft and boats. The client specifically requested the environment to be stylized opposed to a photorealistic one.
3D Animation for Military and Defence Industry - L-3 WESCAM
Miscellaneous Aerospace 3D Renderings

Here is a compilation of various aerospace related 3D renderings created by 3D Epix Inc. for different projects: Beechcraft 1900D, Global Hawk UAV, Shiebel Camcopter and Viking spacecraft that was sent to Mars back in 1975.
Beechcraft 1900 Landing 3D Rendering
UAV Global Hawk 3D Rendering
Schiebel Camcopter 3D Rendering
Viking Mission 3D Rendering
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