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Industrial and Technical 3D Animation

Technical and Industrial 3D animation is one of the most important services provided by 3D Epix Inc. Our company is able to create photorealistic 3D imagery and videos of various industrial facilities, equipment, tools and machinery. 3D Epix Inc. will help you to enhance your marketing and promotional materials with high-quality 3D renderings and animations for presentations or advertising. 3D visualization will help to demonstrate how your equipment functions and how your customers or clients can benefit from it.

Other than presentation and marketing, 3D animations and renderings can be efficiently used as Safety and Training materials for your employees, contractors, clients or any other target audience.

Industrial and Technical 3D Animation Reel 

Industrial and Technical 3D Animation Demo Reel



This safety training video has been created by 3D Epix for Alberta and BC Safety (ABCS) company.  It demonstrates different ways being presented to calculate the minimum clearance you need when using a personal fall arrest system. This 3D animation provides a step-by-step method that explains in simple language how to figure out your clearance without the need for complicated formulas and acronyms.
Fall Clearance - Safety Training 3D Animation
Mining Machinery - CAT 797 and Bucyrus 495HR 3D Animation
Mining Machinery - CAT-797 and Bucyrus-495HR

This video is not a commercial project; it was created by 3D Epix Inc. stritly for demonstartional purpose and for the sake of practise. The animation shows  CAT-797 mining truck and Bucyrus 495HR electric mining shovel  operating.
Farm 3D Rendering
Water Treatment Facility 3D Rendering
Ethanol Plant 3D Rendering
Coal-Fired Plant 3D Rendering
Modular Algae Cultivation System (Symbiotic EnviroTek Inc.)

The series of 3D renderings created by 3D Epix for Symbiotic EnviroTek Inc. website, showcases advanced modular algae cultivation system. This system is designed to grow microalgae utilizing liability waste from various industrial and agricultural facilities.
EnviroTek Facility on Cube
Land Cubes with Facilities 3D Rendering
EnviroTek Website Final Image
Aerosion Disintegrator in Shop 3D Rendering
Aerosion Disintegrator - Dryer on Mobile Skid 3D rendering
Aerosion Disintegrator- Cone Crusher on Mobile Skid 3D Rendering
Aerosion Disintegrator - Lab on Mobile Skid 3D Rendering
Disintegrator (Aerosion)

The following renderings have been created by 3D Epix inc. for Aerosion company website. 3D images showcase the client's disintegrator for reducing friable materials to small particles that can be installed and utilized in a shop, as well as on a series of mobile skids or trailers.
SAGD Jackfish 2 Plant 3D Rendering
Inlet Separation 3D Rendering
Lime Softener 3D Rendering
Storage Tanks 3D Rendering
SAGD Plant (Devon Jackfish 2 Project)

This project has been created by 3D Epix Inc. for SAW Ideas company and its client - Devon Energy. In order to accomplish the job I had to fly from Calgary to Conklin (Northern Alberta) in order to see the actual SAGD plant, take reference pictures and re-create the whole facility in 3D. And, of courese, it had to be the coldest day of that year: -44C with the windshield factor... You can watch 3D animation of this plant here.
Oilseeds Unit Technical 3D Rendering
Plastics Unit Technical 3D Rendering
Cooling, Heating and Drying Units (Solex)

3D Epix Inc. has produced a series of renderings that showcase the units used for heating, cooling and drying  free flowing bulk solids, such as fertilizer, sugar, chemicals, plastics, biosolids, minerals, and other types of grains, crystals and powders. 

The renderings of Oilseeds and Plastics Units are rperesented on this page. The work has been done by 3D Epix Inc. for LPI Group agency and for their client - Solex Thermal Science Inc.
C Series Array - Water Treatment Facility 3D Rendering
DAF 512 - Water Treatment Facility 3D Rendering
Water Treatment Equipment 3D Rendering
Combos Array - Water Treatment 3D Rendering
Water Treatment Equipment (FilterBoxx)

The following renderings are done by 3D Epix Inc. for FilterBoxx company that specialises in providing water treatment solutions for various remote industrial facilities. This water equipment is widely used in oil and gas industry.
A Series Array - Water Treatment Facility 3D Rendering
Water Flow Diagram 3D Rendering
CAF 20 - Water Treatment Facility 3D Rendering
Volvo L110G Front End Loader 3D Rendering
CAT 797 Mining Truck 3D Rendering
Bucyrus 495HR Electric Mining Shovel 3D Rendering
Scheuerle SPMT 3D Rendering

Here is a compilation of various machinaery 3D renderings from different projects: Volvo L110G loader, CAT-797 mining truck, Bucyrus-495HR electric mining shovel, Scheuerle SPMT, John Deere 120C excavator and Terex demag CC-2800 crawling crane.
Terex Demag CC-2800 Crawling Crane 3D Rendering
Terex Demag CC-2800 Crawling Crane 3D Rendering
John Deere 120C Excavator 3D Rendering
Electrical Power System 3D Rendering
Aerial Spray - Safety 3D Rendering
Average Body Tolerance to Electricity - Safety 3D Rendering
Unauthorized Entry is a Hazard  - Safety 3D Rendering
Safety Presentation for First Responders (ATCO Electric)

3D Epix Inc. has produced a large series of 3D illustrations  for ATCO Electric company. These illustrationes are used as slides in ATCO Electric  presentation that addresses the safety issues that first responders (Police, Firefighters. and EMS) might encounter dealing with accidents that involve electric power.

Only a small part of the project is reperesented on this page, as the total amount of slides exceedes 60. The full presentation can be downloaded and viewed here as a PDF file.
Keep Onlookers Back - Safety 3D Rendering
10 Meters / 33 Feet to Safety - Safety 3D Rendering
Underground Vault Rescue - Safety 3D Rendering
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