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Architectural 3D Visualization

Architectural 3D visualization is one of the most required services offered by 3D Epix Inc. Whether you are a home builder, land developer or an architect, our company will provide you with outstanding 3D renderings or animations that will help promoting and selling your product before it is built.

3D Epix Inc. offers 3D visualization of all types of homes (exterior and interior): single family, luxury, condos, townhouses, hi-rises, lodges and commercial centers. Land-developers can benefit from obtaining high-end development renderings, that feature the beautify of natural environment it is nested in. A high quality 3D animation would give your customers a virtual tour through a property, both inside and outside.

Architectural 3D Animation Reel 


Single Family House Architectural 3D Rendering
Single Family  Home

Here is another example of architectural 3D renderinng of a single family home. The image has been created by 3D Epix Inc. for Larkaun Homes building company from the City of Red Deer (Alberta).
Tela Exterior 3D Animation
Tela Unit 107 - Interior 3D Walk-Through Animation
Tela Unit 407 - Interior 3D Walk-Through Animation
Apartment Building 3D Animation (Tela Condos)

This 3D animation has been created by 3D Epix Inc for Tela Condos apartment building. The project consists of 3 videos: exterior fly-around animation and 2 interior walk-through animations showing two different units (main floor 2 bedrooms unit 107 and upper floor 1 bedroom unit 407).

The furniture and appliances for interior animations are modelled from scratch using manufacturer's catalogues and web-page photos as reference materials. The ideas for the colors, materials and elements of decorating have been provided by an interior designer and visualized in 3D videos by 3D Epix Inc.
Tuxedo - Exterior and Interior Architectural 3D Animation
Tuxedo 3D Animation (Sandlewood Developments)

The following 3D animation demonstrates Tuxedo apartment building constructed by Sandlewood Developments. The video starts with exterior fly-around and continues with interior fly-through, showcasing two different units.
Single Family House Architectural 3D Rendering
Single Family House Architectural 3D Rendering
Bungalow 3D Rendering
Tuxedo Apartment Building Architectural 3D Rendering
Single Family House  Architectural 3D Rendering
Alpine Houses 3D Rendering
Miscellaneous Exterior Renderings

Producing a front view exterior 3D rendering of a home is one of the most required architectural 3D rendering service. Here are some examples this type of renderings created by 3D Epix Inc. for various clients.
Tela Apartment Building Architectural 3D Rendering
Aura of Copperfield Development - Architectural 3D Animation
Aura of Copperfield (Aldebaran Homes)

This video is created by 3D Epix Inc. for Aldebaran Homes building company. The animation showcases Aura of Copperfield community located in the SE of Calgary. The video starts with a fly-around, showing the whole development from a bird's eye view, then it turns into a virtual walk-through showing the exterior look of the buildings and grounds. The animation ends with a series of still exterior renderings that present various styles of buildings available.
Tela Kitchen - Interior 3D Rendering
Laundry - Interior3D Rendering
Tuxedo Bedroom Interior 3D Rendering
3D Floor Plan 02 Rendering
Living Room Interior 3D Rendering
Kitchen Interior 3D Rendering
Miscellaneous Interior Renderings

Here are some examples of interior 3D renderings and 3D plans created by 3D Epix inc. for different clients. The furniture, appliances and the elements of decorating can be generic or custom, depending on the project requirements. 
3D Floor Plan 01 Rendering
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