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3D Animation for Oil and Gas

3D Epix Inc. has a vast experience in producing 3D animations and renderings for the Oil and Gas industry. Animated videos or 3D images can effectively demonstrate drilling, completion and production processes; showcase your tools; promote or present an innovative technology and illustrate a region-specific geology.

Our studio is able to create any kind of oil and gas related 3D graphics (videos or stills) that would demonstrate various processes and services: rig mats installation, drilling, fracking, SAGD, transportation, storage, refinery plants, pipelines, operating equipment, etc.

Oil and Gas 3D Animation Reel

Oil and Gas 3D Animation Reel - 3D Epix Inc.


Oil Conditioning and Stabilizing Systems 3D Animation (Kold Katcher)

The following 3D animation is showcasing oil conditioning and stabilizing systems produced by Kold Katcher. Presented technology helps reducing the volatility of the oil at a production storage facility, making it safe for further transportation.
Kold Katcher - Oil Conditioning / Stabilizing Systems - 3D Animation
iFrac Cem 3D Animation (TRICAN)

This video showcases Trican's iFrac Cem completion tools used in cemented wellbore. The animation demonstrates the process of cementing, fracking and production. All 3D elements and sequences have been created by 3D Epix Inc. and 2D motion graphics, video editing and voice over has been provided by SAW ideas.
Trican iFrac Cem 3D Animation
Pipe Rack Installation (Grey Owl Engineering)

This animation has been created by 3D Epix for Grey Owl Engineering company. It shows step by step process of a pipe rack construction, covering site grading, pile install, cutting and capping the piles, setting and connecting pipe mods, setting equipment mods, installation of interconnecting piping, heat trace and electrical installation and, finally, commissioning and start up.
Conventional Pipe Rack Assembly - 3D Animation
Oil Production Process (RDI)

This animation goes through complete oil production process starting from drilling, pumping the fracking fluid down the well, fracking process and production. Not only this video shows what happens underground, but it also focuses on the surface equipment involved in the process at different stages: drilling rig, pumping units, well heads, etc.
Complete Oil Production Process 3D Animation
Website Graphics (TRICAN)

The following 3D renderings have been created for Trican Well Services new web page launched in spring 2015. The Land Cube image is created for the main page and smaller images are made as the hero banners for various services that the company offers. You can take a look how it all came together at Trican's website: trican.ca
Trican Services Land Cube 3D Rendering
Multistage Fracking 3D Rendering
Preflushers and Spacers 3D Rendering
Surface Casing 3D Rendering
Acidizing 3D Rendering
NTD Liner-Top Packer 3D Animation (WEATHERFORD)

This animation showcases NTD liner-top packer manufactured by Weatherford. The video demonstrates how the tool parts shift making the rubber element expand in order to hold the packer still in a wellbore.
NTD Liner-Top Packer 3D Animation
Peace River Bitumen Deposits (STRATA OIL)

These 3D renderings have been created for Strata Oil company as parts of their presentation on Cadotte Central and Cadotte West (Peace River area in Northern Alberta) geology rich with carbonates. The presentation proposes Cyclic Steam Simulation method of oil extraction in the area. The final image shows the aerial view of the land with the leases that belong to different oil companies.

Test Wells 3D Rendering
Carbonates Production - Multiple Wells 3D Rendering
Carbonates Production 3D Rendering
Cadotte Leases 3D Rendering

This 3D animation showcases tNavigator - new reservoir simulation software developed by Rock Flow Dynamics company. The application is able to simulate SAGD, CSS, steam flooding, hydrofracking and unconventional tight oil and gas.

tNavigator - 3D Animated Presentation
Hexa-Cover® for Oil Storage (GREATARIO)

The following  3D animation showcases Hexa-Cover® floating covers that are used for oil  storage to reduce evaporation. The video demonstrates how the covers are  installed and used in CHOP tanks.
Hexa-Cover® for Oil Storage - 3D Animation
SAGD Plant (SAW Ideas)

The animation of the SAGD plant has been created by 3D Epix Inc. for SAW Ideas and their client Devon Energy. The facility has been built in 3D from scratch using only a top view 2D plan and photos I have taken at the location.

SAGD Plant 3D Animated Fly-Through
Advanced Spill Prevention System (COLONIAL ADVISORY)

This 3D animation showcases a new technology called Advanced Spill Prevention System (ASPS) that is designed for oil transportation. The system prevents liquid haulers from spilling the liquids they are loaded with and helps to reduce accidents in the remote locations. The voice over for the video is done by the client.
Advanced Spill Prevention System (ASPS) 3D Animation
Rig Mats 3D Animation (LOADLINK)

This project is entitled to showcase client's rig mats that are used to support drilling rigs and various heavy equipment in swampy areas where the ground is soft and unstable. The rig mats can be used as the support for drilling pads and as the temporary access roads  to various remote off-road locations.

Here are three short animations from this project. The first video is a general presentation of the rig mats. It demonstrates the application of the mats, the equipment they can support and the environments they are used in. The second animation demonstrates how the mats are installed. The third animation shows the distribution of weight across the mats and their capacity.
LoadLink Rig Mats Application - 3D Animation
Rig Mats Installation
Rig Mats Load Distribution

3D renderings in this section represent various oil and gas tools that 3D Epix Inc. has created for various companies. Two vertically oriented renderings on the right side are a packer in a wellbore and a top drive testing head, both produced by World Oil Tools. The renderings below are: iFrac Cem (Trican), Multi-Stage Frac toolstring (Tryton), NDT Top-Liner Packer (Weatherford) and Plug and Perf Tool (Smith International).

iFrac iCem Tool 3D Rendering
World Oil Tools - Packer 3D Rendering
World Oil Tools - Top Drive Testing Head 3D Rendering
NDT Top Liner Packer 3D Rendering
Smith International Plug and Perf Tool 3D Rendering
Pipeline Heating System

3D  animation created for Kold Katcher company is showcasing the technology  that prevents surface gas pipe lines from freezing during extremely low  temperatures, therefore, eliminating loss of production and hazardous  conditions. The video demonstrates how Kold Katcher pipeline heating  system gets assembled and how it functions.
Kold Katcher Pipeline Heating System 3D Animation

Land Cubes  and Bird-Eye view 3D renderings are quite popular graphic elements in oil and gas marketing materials. These images quite effectively show geology, underground operations and tools, as well as surface equipment and/or facilities. The renderings represented on this page have been produced by 3D Epix Inc. for various Canadian oil and gas companies.
Production Zones 3D Rendering
Land Cube: Casing and Fracking 3D Rendering
Ethanol Plant 3D Rendering
Land Cube - Surface Production 3D Rendering
SAGD Plant bird-eye view 3D rendering
Directional Drilling 3D Animation (ORANGE DIRECTIONAL)

The video is done by 3D Epix Inc. for Orange Directional company. It showcases the drilling tools assembly that drills through earth strata, sending the signals to the control point and automatically detecting the drilling direction depending on the geological formations along the drilling path.
Orange Directional - Directional Drilling 3D Animation
Multi-Stage Fracking (TRYTON TOOLS SERVICES)

The following 3D animation is created by 3D Epix for Tryton Tools Services company. It demonstrates Multi-Stage Frac process used for oil extraction.
Tryton Tools Services - 3D Animation of Multi-Stage Frac Process
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