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3D Animation for Advertising, Product Presentation and Film

3D Epix Inc. is offering 3D animation solutions for Product or Service Presentations, Corporate Videos, Logo Animations or TV Ads. We can provide the finest 3D representation of your product or service for print, TV broadcast and web pages. This 3D service is relevant for any manufacturing or retail business: from producers and sellers of goods of day to day consumption to aerospace companies.

3D Epix also offers 3D animation services for movies, documentaries, educational videos and TV programs. We specialize in character creation and animation, 3D visual effects, building realistic natural CGI environments and rendering completely 3D animated footages.

Advertising and Film 3D Animation Reel

Advertising and Film 3D Animation Reel


Anteater Logo Animation (Solkor)

Here is another 3D animation created by 3D Epix Inc. for Solkor landscaping company. The client wanted to introduce an anteater character climbing their logo, standing up on it, jumping, landing and walking away. Here is how it all came along together.

Solkor Anteater 3D Animation
Logo Animation  (Solkor)

Here is a good example of 3D logo animation. This short video has been created by 3D Epix Inc. for Solkor company that does landscaping and renovations mainly in Canmore and Banff area.
Solkor Logo 3D Animation
Fundraising Campaign Advertising (Jump Studios)

This project has been accomplished by 3D Epix Inc. for Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation through Jump Studios advertising agency. They needed two 3D images for fundraising campaign advertising that would express the sadness when kids are away from home being sick in hospital.
Tea Party - Stollery Foundation 3D Rendering
Bedroom - Stollery Foundation 3D Rendering
Projector 3D Rendering
Adjustable Height Desk 3D Rendering
Adjustable Height TV 3D Rendering
Boardroom 3D Rendering
Product 3D Animation and Rendering (Joro MFG)

Joro Manufacturing is a company that specializes in producing office and home furniture (desks, shelves, etc.) with adjustable height and level. The following 3D animated video and still renderings created by 3D Epix Inc. are showcasing Joro's products.
Joro Furniture Products 3D Animation
Animated Logo (Black Widow Films)

This project has been done for a small imdependent film company called Black Widow Films. Animated spider runs across the surface and stops at the right top corner of the logo.
Black Widow Films Logo 3D Animation
Golf Shoes 3D Renderings

Yes, we can also make 3D models of shoes and cloth for pre-production presentations. This project had been done for a person, not a company, who decided to design golf shoes. Here is how 3D Epix Inc. visualizaed his ideas and concepts, so he could approach the manufacturers and investors.
Blue Golf Shoes 3D Rendering
Grey Golf Shoes 3D Rendering
3D Natural Environments

Here are some 3D renderings from different projects that demonstrate the ability of 3D Epix Inc. to create completely digital amost photorealistic natural environments. The animated version of some images represented her can be seen in the demo reel on the top of this page.
Digital Nature 3D Rendering
Alpine Meadows Digital Nature Rendering
Pond 3D Rendering
Cougar 3D Rendering
Other Samples of Product 3D Rendering

Liquid 3D Rendering
Brochure Stand 3D Rendering
Mercedes-Benz 540K Roadster 1936 3D Rendering Front
Mercedes-Benz 540K Roadster 1936 3D Rendering Back
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